Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Picked it back up..

I was going thru my ever growing pile of WIPs and came across this...I've been stitching on it for a few days now; I want to get it done in time to enter in the Colorado State Fair; I wanted to do that last year and didn't make the deadline; since working on it I now know why I put it down!!! LEAVES!!! There are so many darn leaves...LOL I only have about 10 to go..but sure loving the picture can't wait to get it done..I have more done than is on the picture I will post another picture when I get these leaves done...hopefully tomorrow; gotta work today..


  1. Keep going! I am working on the last little tree and bird. I hoped to be done over the long weekend. We will's looking good.

  2. Yes keep going! It looks great.
    Good luck with all the leafs :)