Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finished Stitching

Revised:  8.28.11
Just thought I'd pop a photo of the framed piece in here.  I was lucky enough to find THE frame I wanted to use in the right size on sale at Hobby Lobby last week!  How's that for timing? 

My goal was to finish in early August.  That just didn't happen, but the stitching IS finished.  Woo Whoo!  I enjoyed this piece, and am trying now to decide on the framing.  Wait a minute - shouldn't those birds have eyes?  I need to browse around to see how y'all have finished yours! 

Charlene in SC


  1. It's looking gorgeous Charlene. Well worth a Happy Dance.
    I actually changed my birds and did a French Knot.

  2. It's lovely beautiful colors really great !!!