Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Slow but sure...

I was off work the past 2 days and was able to get some stitching done; I worked some on it tonight and only have the bottom 2 red flowers to do; then I can start on part 2. Can't wait to see part 3. (please excuse the wrinkles)


  1. Shar,

    You're doing a lovely job of it. I'm a few hours behind you and am off work today and tomorrow (plus weekends :) so I hope to be able to post a progress pic this weekend.

    I'm enjoying seeing how the members are stitching their border flowers and tree trunks (horizontal vs vertical).

    And oh, those soft colors are perfect for this gentle sampler.

    Thanks for sharing your pics.


  2. I'm still on part one, too. How did I get so far behind?


  3. I just got pattern #3 in today's mail! I better put into into gear! Off to work on #1...