Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello from Virginia!

My name is Cindy Hawkins, I live in the northernmost part of Virginia. I received my kit a couple of weeks ago from Country Sampler in Wisconsin.  They say part 2 should be mailed out next week!  I finally got it out and put my first stitches in today.  I chose the 40 count Confederate Gray, and the Weeks threads.  I'm kind of surprised at how little contrast there is between the border thread and the seems like some of the photos of other peoples starts look very different from mine.   Maybe they were using fabric and threads other than what was called for?

Excited to be a part of this group, and can't wait for our "mystery" to be "solved" when we see our finished samplers!


  1. Hi Cindy,
    I'm using for mine the recommended fabric in 35ct (Weeks Dye Confederate Grey) and also the recommended fibers. Stitching with 2 threads, which might make some difference. But some are stitching with 1 thread on 35 ct and seem to be happy.
    What can make a huge difference are the dye lots. Just guessing here.

  2. Cindy -
    Most of our group is using one strand on 40 count, too. The sage seems very light at first but seems to become more noticeable once the other colors are added. Kudzu is obviously darker, but still is not bright by any means. Some of us expressed the same concerns you have mentioned, but once the darker border colors were added, we are all pleased with the results. I must say, I can hardly wait to introduce some of the other colors next week to see what happens.

    Have fun.